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Included free drinks and an exclusive dancing space on our Truck.

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27 Studios
60 Residents
5 Networks

Riverside Studios is a unique collective of renowned artists and professionals located in Berlin’s Media Spree, right by the water, neighboring most of the industry’s leaders. Riverside Studios is a never before seen creative hub gathering under one roof top-ranked artists and experts from different backgrounds and musical genres.

3000 SQm

The Riverside complex spans over 3000m² with 27 state-of-the-art studios, and offers A to Z solutions to professionals by professionals, meeting all of the industry needs: from recording, mixing, mastering, advertising and games scores, songwriting camps, seminars, master classes to artist consultancy, all via an unprecedented creative platform.

Our services

The breadth of our network begins with our own artists and residents and extends well beyond education, industry and the public sector. Music, film, media as well as event, live streaming, podcasts and radio are fully covered by our experts. For many renowned producers as well as stars from all areas, Riverside Studios is the first address to be technically as well as creatively on the pulse of time.

Recording + Mixing

The technical and creative processes of capturing and combining audio elements to produce a polished and cohesive final product, whether it be music, podcasts, or other audio content.


The final step in audio production, refining and optimizing the overall sound quality of a recording to ensure consistency, clarity, and compatibility across different playback systems.

Film Scoring

Composing and producing music specifically tailored to enhance the emotional impact and narrative dynamics of a film

Music for advertising

Music compositions specifically tailored to the needs of advertising.

Event Location

Our space is available at any time for corporate events and special occasions.

Training / Seminars

In collaboration with reputable partners and brands in the music industry, we regularly conduct seminars and workshops.

Visual Solutions

Riverside Studios elevates your brand with stunning visuals. We offer photography and videography services to capture your music’s essence, crafting captivating content that resonates with your audience. Let us bring your sound to life on screen.

Music Production

Unleash your musical potential at Riverside Studios. Our world-class producers and facilities will guide you through every step of the recording process, from tracking to mastering, to bring your sonic vision to life. Turn your raw talent into a polished masterpiece.


Elevate your sound with our professional composing service at Riverside Studios. Our experienced composers will bring your musicalvision to life with precision and creativity. Contact us today to start your next project.


Our direct proximity to some of the biggest market leaders in the music industry forms the basis for synergies and collaborations of all kinds. The resulting potential of know-how and years of experience flow daily into the creative work of our residents and artists. This is fully available to you in all our services at any time.