“Evîn” is Kurdish for “love” and is also the name of the Berlin-based artist and producer EVÎN. Her music blends elements from genres such as Soul, Jazz and Electronica with her Kurdish roots giving her a distinctive sound within the scene. After an intensive time of studying Jazz Vocals and dwelling into her roots Evîn started to produce her own songs since 2020 in her home studio in Berlin. Inspired by artists such as James Blake, Montell Fish, Frank Ocean and Sufjan Stevens Evîn creates her own samples, mostly of her own vocals or the piano in her mother’s home, which gives the songs a uniqueness and edginess that she is aiming for. Currently Evin is part of the Female Producer Collective, released her first sample pack and won the Female* Producer Prize 2023. Besides producing Evîn and her band created a mesmerising live show, including futuristic electronica combined with live drums, guitar/saz and Evîns outstanding voice. The band performed at festivals such as MaMa Paris, XJazz Berlin, Fusion or Montreux Jazz Festival.