Born in Tartu, Estonia, Martin "Muudu" Kuut found freedom in music. Growing up in Estonia, he was surrounded by friends from different subcultures, listening and exchanging contrasting music genres. The experience of over 20 years playing keyboards and guitar in various bands, composing, and DJing for more than a decade made him go after more and relocate to Berlin to pursue studies at Abbey Road Institute. He has found his signature style of resonating duality where contradictions are balanced and flow in harmony, where every element makes sense and sounds. Since 2022 Muudu has been releasing music with legendary Moodmusic Records, collabing with artists like Ivan Dorn and Freestyle Man. At the moment he is residing at Riverside Studios in Berlin as part of the BlackheadStudios family, a studio led by house music mastermind, DJ, producer, and genius mastering engineer Klas “Sasse” Lindblad.