Henne Müller is a Berlin-based songwriter and producer who is part of the unique artist collective at Riverside Studios Berlin. Trained classically and deeply rooted in independent music, he is a fan of pop music and loves to blend genres.

Starting his career as drummer & percussionist for different projects (classical, reggae, Pop), he found his passion in music producing of his former band ABBY. Henne is a member of the electronic music group “Gheist”, which is signed to Solumun’ s label and booking agency Diynamic. Alternating between a full-on live performance and hybrid DJ sets, him and his band are residents at Berlin’s landmark venue “Watergate”. Co-Founder of electronic label “radau records” and independent pop label “unfug recordings”.

Henne’s select credits include writing, mixing, composing and producing for artists such as: ABBY, Chris James, Nosoyo, James Hersey, Graham Candy as well as collaborations with Apparat, Pan-Pot, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Nena and Robot Koch.