For more than 30 years Martin Eyerer has been travelling heavily around the globe as a DJ and producer. His more than 150 releases on the hottest labels like Renaissance, My Favorite Robot, Get Physical, Rejected oder on his own imprint Kling Klong are bought and played on continents from Australia, Asia to North and South America and of course Europe. Countless sales and chart positionings as well as media feedback prove that impressively.

As a producer Martin has something to show as well: Gold Albums in UK and Australia and a top 3 US Billboard chart ranking have a great effect here. As a mixing and mastering engineer Martin runs a respectable analog studio since 15 years, which has an established standing specially in the electronic music scene.

After moving from Stuttgart to Berlin in August 2012 Martin and his partners Jade Souaid and Tassilo Ippenberger opened together the Riverside Studios – a 2.000 m2 complex in the heart of Berlin. With direct river view and the neighborhood to clubs like Berghain, Watergate, Kater Blau, Tresor or Weekend it became one of the hotspots of Berlin’s music scene. Of course Martin has his space there, too. On 100 m2 he brought his studio to the next level. The restauration of his legendary Amek M 3000 Console that was formerly owned by Pink Floyd in the seventies completed it surely.

By the end of 2013 Martin Eyerer startet to work on his 3rd longplayer including interesting and already confirmed cooperations withPrincess Superstar, Abby, Knixx and Ruede Hagelstein. End of 2014 the album – Struktur – was released on Martin‘s very own label Kling Klong and received huge feedback from the music scene. A few more releases on labels like Get Physical, Saved and Rejected followed the 4 singles of the album in 2015 and a global tour that lead Martin once more around the world. In 2016 releases on my favourite robot, Bedrock, Danse UK, Suara and Kling Klong were released and played all over the globe. The most sucessful one was Martin Eyerer & Ackermann feat Craig Walker – former singer from the band Archive. Originals and the kaiserdisco remix hit the Beatpot Top 20. 2017 was full of successful releases either: An EP on Second State, 2 new Kling Klongs and the final Album remix package by Tobi Neumann, Oliver Dollar and AFFKT already kept Martins name going. Further releases on Bedrock and Culprit L.A. and his latest imprint he started with Ackermann named ignite.

Since 2018 Martin focused more on his management side at Riverside Studios Berlin. Besides its established networks of musicians and producers, he started to drive the company with a music and tech related side, what affected the way he chosed further collaborations.

2020 obviously was a very special year for artists and producers under the Covid 19 pandemic. Martin – meanwhile also working as CEO for Factory Berlin – set up with his team many collaborations between artists and tech people. International artists from music but also other disciplines started to work on AR/VR and mixed reality formats. Technology and music and art together is the new thing Martin extended his horizon to. Bringing his company Riverside Studios Berlin together with the Factory Berlin ecosystem led to a very successful path for both.

On the studio side Martin was active too: While working on his new studio album (expected to be finished in Jan 2021) he released a few new records on labels like bar25, Kling Klong, Ignite or still hot Berlin.

His weekly podcast /Radioshow is broadcasted in more than 20 countries and has a reach of 700 000 listeners every week.