What do you do with a talent for guitar, cello and the drums? You start playing and creating electronic music! Intakto.... What? "Entaktogen"- touching what's within - music with melodies that touch the heart and a bassline finding it's way right into your bones. Berlin based DJ and producer Intaktogene plays and produces Progressive House. Having a musical background, she records some of her instruments herself and also provides the vocals on some of her tracks. Playing in different clubs in and around Germany every weekend she is a whirlwind behind the decks and brings that energy right back into the studio - her track “Panama” hit one million streams on Spotify in 2022. She has played highly acclaimed festivals like Burning Man (Digital), Fusion festivals second largest stage Tanzwüste, infamous Nation of Gondwana, and is playing regularly in Clubs like Berlin’s Watergate and Katerblau, Frankfurts’ Tanzhaus West, Hamburg’s Südpol & Waagenbau and many more. She has performed in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Colombia. We are excited to see what is to come.