Alberto Pretto became interested in music at a very young age while listening to his father vinyl record collection. The special bound with those black discs evolved itself quickly in very deep emotions while he was handling them, that much, that got him closer and closer to music and sound until he started mixing records in clubs when he was 16.

Being a Dj wasn’t just enough for Alberto, he wanted to produce his own music and that is what really made a significant turn in his career by eventually having various releases after he moved to London in 2009.

The Italian born moved again in 2013 to Berlin and there he graduated in music production and sound engineering with a very distinctive result at the prestigious “Abbey Road Institute”. Abbey has been a very unique place for him where he met two of the most important mentors of his studies, like Klas Lindblad, which happens to be also his colleague and studio owner at “Blackhead Studios”.

Alberto’s finesse, focus and attention to details on sounds are the characteristics that got him noticed and also pushed his talent up in the rank of BHS engineers. Since 2019 he’s established as engineer at Blackhead Studios, having the chance to master and collaborate with Klas for an amazing array of artists.