Parcels seem constantly to be battling with modern mentalities and old school traditionalism, a tension you can feel in their debut album. They wanted an album that could sound like anything but they also wanted an album that felt like a piece, like the classic albums Parcels adore. They found their thread with a mission ‘…mainly it all came together through our desire to create meaningful pop music.’ And this search for meaningful pop music has become their core drive. ‘Disregarding the modern taboo of the word, pop music for us is something which really makes you feel. It’s pure emotion. We’re coming at this from a vaguely musical background and with varied influences, but in the end we’re just trying to unlock the raw feeling of each track. Something that everybody can feel.’ And feel it you can, as the band travels the world charming live audiences with their potent combination of being impressive musicians who give heartfelt performances with the kind of choruses that you find your self singing along too as you throw your hips around like nobody is watching. Its their new world of music, but their parents probably feel like its a little familiar.